The future of CCN
Wednesday, 17 February 2016 11:49

Statement from CCN and FCFCG about the merger of CCN into FCFCG


At the start of 2016 the Community Composting Network (CCN) merged into the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens (FCFCG). CCN’s Board and members took this decision recently in the light of financial and human resource constraints and the need to safeguard the future development of community composting in the UK. 

For the CCN, this represents the end of 20 years as a standalone organisation working on behalf of over 700 community groups, individuals and other not-for-profit organisations that have made up its membership during that time. The FCFCG was a key supporter and founding member of the CCN and hosted the first Co-ordinator at its offices in Bristol. For the majority of the subsequent years the CCN office has been located at Heeley City Farm in Sheffield. In addition to sharing CCN's charitable objectives, the FCFCG also shared many of its members, therefore it has been a fairly straightforward and logical decision to close CCN as an organisation and transfer the remaining assets to the FCFCG.