T24 - Anaerobic digestion at premises used for agriculture and burning of resultant biogas

This exemption is for farmers who want to digest manures, slurries and vegetation in a small scale anaerobic digester to produce a digestate for use as a fertiliser or soil conditioner. With this exemption:

i. you can treat and store up to 1,250 cubic meters of waste at any one time

ii. waste must retained in the digester for a minimum of 28 days

iii. any resultant biogas must be collected and burnt in an appliance for the purposes of producing energy (with a net rated thermal input of less that 0.4 megawatts; or an aggregate net rated thermal input of less that 0.4 megawatts where it is used together with other appliances)

You can only treat green plant waste and manure and slurry with this exemption. See the List of Wastes guidance for more details

All projects using an anaerobic digester for the treatment of agricultural waste under a an old paragraph 12 exemption will benefit from a transition period (until 1st Oct 2013) to apply for and comply with the new exemption.

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