U10 – Spreading waste on agricultural land to confer benefit

This exemption is a complimentary exemption to the T23 composting exemption. It allows for the spreading of compost  produced under a T23 exemption onto agricultural land to confer benefit. 

i. the spreading of up to 50 tonnes per hectare of T23 compost over a 12 month period

ii. a storage limit of up to 500 tonnes of compost at any one time

iii. the waste must be stored in a secure location prior to spreading;

at the time the spreading begins—

iv. the land must not be frozen for 12 hours or more in the preceding 24 hours,

v. the land must not be waterlogged, frozen or snow-covered

vi. the location of any compost  which is stored or land which is spread must be at least 10 metres from a watercourse and 50 metres from a spring, well or borehole

Vermicompost produced under a T26 exemption and digestate produced under a T24 and T25 anaerobic digestion exemption can also be spread using this exemption. They are subject to the same restrictions (above) as the T23 compost, except there is a lower storage limit for digestate (up to 200 tonnes at ant one time).

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