T26 - Treatment of kitchen waste in a wormery

If you are using a small-scale wormery to process kitchen waste and produce compost you will need to apply for a T26 exemption.

With this exemption you can:

i.   treat up to 6 tonnes of paper and cardboard (20 01 01) and

ii.  biodegradable kitchen and canteen waste (municipal, commercial, industrial and    institutional) (20 01 08)

iii. during a twelve month period to

iv. produce a stable sanitised vermicompost.

If your kitchen waste comes from a premise which handles meat or products of animal origin you will need to comply with the Animal By Product Regulations. Unfortunately food waste treated in a wormery will not meet the temperature requirements of the ABPR, so you may only be able to use a T26 on an on-site situation i.e. where the food waste is produced on-site, treated on-site and the finished compost is used on site. It's best to discuss your own particular circumstances with your local Animal health Office.

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