standard rule SR2010No14_500t

This permit is the next step up (for those groups which aren't eligible for a T23 exemption) and allows for the aerobic composting  of up to 500 tonnes of waste.

There are strict limits and distances set for this Standard Rule Permit. Here is a checklist of them all, if you cannot answer yes for all of these criteria then your site or facility is will not meet the strict rules laid down by the EA:

The site:

  •  Does not accept hazardous waste

  • The amount of waste being stored, treated, composted or matured does not exceed 500 tonnes at any one time

  •  Is 250m from any dwelling or workplace

  • Is 500m from any Conservation or Nature site (European Site; Ramsar site or SSSI)

  • Is 10 metres from any watercourse

  • Is 50 metres from any spring, well or borehole not used to supply water for domestic or food production purposes

  • Is 250 metres of any borehole used to supply water for domestic or food production
You can also download a more detailed version of this checklist here(.doc 60KB) or, if you are a CCN member, you can login and download the more comprehensive checklist with guidance on each aspect of the checklist here (.doc 100KB).

If you cannot meet each of these criteria you may need to apply for a bespoke permit.

A wider variety of waste types are allowed under this standard rule than are allowed under the T23 exemption, and there are no additional tonnage limits on certain waste streams (e.g. food waste) but all wastes containing animal by products must still be treated in accordance with the Animal By-Products Regulations.

There are also additional requirements in terms of mointoring, record keeping, reporting etc. so make sure you have fully read the EA guidance and the CCN checklist to understand your obligations.

what does it cost

  • Application: £1,590 a one off application fee
  • Transfer: £950 a one off fee to transfer the permit to a different operator
  • Surrender: £1,500: a one off fee to surrender the permit
  • Subsistence: £760 an annual fee

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