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The Growing Heap is the journal of the Community Composting Network.The Growing Heap contains news pages, articles on members projects, legislation updates, technical matters and best practice, and robust opinions and reviews of relevant and useful publications. It is written by CCN staff, members and invited authors, edited by Cath Kibbler and published by CCN. The magazine is produced in Sheffield with layout and design by Mark at Sandman Magazines and printed by People for Print (formally Juma Print).

A Fully Referenced Version with Links of "A Comparison of Greenhouse Gas Flux from Composting Compared to Landfill and Fertilizer Production" is available to download here (pdf 103KB).

latest issue

#45 Winter 2010
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  • Legislation update
  • Focus on Local Food Fund
  • The 'P' article (phosphorus)
  • Fork to Fork: Rotters Community Composting, Liverpool
  • Your Network's Strategy & Plan
  • Micro Anaerobic Digestion...aka mAD
  • Revaluing Resources... or how to make a social enterprise business out of stuff
  • Remembering Copenhagen and Cancun en route to Johannesburg
  • Growing for Well-Bring
  • Reviews: The New Economics: A Bigger Picture, D Boyle & A Simms; How to Make and Use Compost: The Ultimate Guide, N Scott
  • International Year of Biodiversity
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back issues

The entire back catalogue of growing heaps is now available online for free! There is an absolute wealth of useful information and resources on all aspects of composting and other sustainability issues contained in these magazines. To make it easier to find what you are looking for we have listed the main content of each issue. Don't forget to use the sites search feature if you are interested in something in particular!  Please contact the office is you are interested in getting any paper copies of the back issues

Apologies for the large file sizes, in may cases we did not have electronic copies of these magazines and thus had to scan them in by hand. Click on the links to download the relevant pdf

2008Summer#44 Summer 2008 (3.9MB)

  • 2008 Season Marred by Pesticide Contamination
  • Proper Job
  • Compost Awareness Week 2008 - Contribution from Community Composters
  • Year of Sanitation
  • Greenhouse Gas Balance of Anaerobic Digestion
  • Community Anaerobic Digestion Research
  • Reviews: The Geography of Hope:A Tour of the World We Need, C Turner; The Land Magazine
  • Art and Composting

#43 Spring 2008 (3.5MB)2008Spring-1

  • Green Estate: Community Composting Hits the Big Time
  • The Story of Evelyn Community Garden
  • A comparison of greenhouse gas flux from composting compared to landfill and fertilizer production
  • Enter Degrowth Economics!
  • Reviews: Dirt, the Erosion of Civilization, D Montgomery; The Transition Handbook from Oil Dependency to Local Resilience, R Hopkins

#42 Summer 2007 (1.9MB) - Growing with Compost Special2007Summer

  • An Introduction to Growing With Compost: What the Project is and Why we did it
  • Sustainability - environmental, economic, social and health aspects of Community Composting
  • On-Site Composting of Food Waste at Businesses and Institutions
  • Master Composter Programmes
  • Vermiculture
  • Information Sheet: UK Waste Strategy and Legislation
  • Handout: Project Development - Community Engagement
  • Site set-up and composting options for food waste
  • Process Monitoring and Management Methods for Food Waste Composting
  • Working with people with learning disabilities
  • Establishing Sheltered Workplaces and working with the Long-Term Unemployed
  • Quality and uses of compost
  • Green-waste Project Development - Project Monitoring and Evaluation of Kerbside Schemes
  • Demonstration Site Directory

#41 Spring 2007 (9MB)2007Spring-1

  • Making waves of sustainable success
  • The view from East Riding
  • Grin Up North (Teesdale Conservation Volunteers)
  • Consigning myth to the bin
  • Composting in Schools (Part 4): The teacher's perspective
  • Instructions for making compost bins
  • Reviews: Dealing with Food Waste in the UK, Dr D Hogg, J Barth, K Schlelss & E Favolno; Recycle: The Essential Guide, D McCorquodale & C Hanaor
  • Big Mouth: Time to regenerate the compost doctor

#40 2007 Winter (3.7MB)2007Winter-1

  • Alternative treatment standards introduced under EU Animal By-Products Regulations
  • Annual Conference and Growing with Compost Events
  • Collecting and Composting Garden Waste with Added Value
  • Composting in Schools: Part 3
  • Biofuel - can the planet afford it
  • Composting Association Annual Conference 2007
  • Reviews: Biofuels for Fuel Cells - Renewable Energy from Biomass Fermentation, P Lens, P Westermann, M Haberbauer & A Moreno
  • Big Mouth - Unwrapping the truth

#39 2006 Autumn (6MB)2006Autumn

  • The Alchemy Project: AD Treatment Plant
  • Annual Conference Review
  • Outside the Compost Box
  • Home Composting Workshop
  • Mushroom Workshop
  • Marketing and Selling Compost Workshop
  • Fareshare Workshop
  • Kittens and Komposters part two of Composting in Schools
  • Compost Quality Protocol Consultation and Compost Standards
  • Western Isles Set a Standard
  • Landfill Allowance Targets: Bioways to Meet Yours A one-day seminar organised by The Composting Association

#38 2006 Summer (9MB)2006Summer-1

  • Composting in School (part 1)
  • Composting and Permaculture go hand in hand at Offshoots in Burnley
  • Fareshare
  • PAS100 Accreditation
  • Reviews: 101 Uses for Stinging Nettles, P Warren; Public Spending for Public Benefit: How the public can use its purchasing power to deliver local economic development, NEF
  • Big Mouth: Direct Charging: No Chance

#37 2006 Spring (8.7MB)2006Spring-1

  • Legislation and policy round up
  • Skipping Dinner
  • Don't waste wildlife go compost crazy instead
  • Lizard king of the compost: Making compost count for slow-worms
  • Reviews: Resource Recovery and Reuse in Organic Solid Waste Management, P Lens, B Hamelers, H Hotlink, W Bodlingmaler; Building with Cob, A Welsemann & K Bryce; Community Waste Works, LCRN
  • Big Mouth: Lies, damned lies, and recycling league tables

#36 2006 Winter (7MB)2006Winter-1

  • Aberdeen Forward Community Composting Project
  • Humberhead Peatlands
  • Composting Nappies: An interview with Louise Halestrap
  • Anaerobic Digestion (Part 4): Heath Robinson, eat your heart out!
  • Reviews: More for You Money: A Guide to Procuring from Social Enterprises, Social Enterprise Coalition
  • Big Mouth: The appliance of (bio) science

#35 2005 Autumn (11MB)2005Autumn-1

  • CCN Annual Conference 2005
  • A new Bill to help local Community Composting
  • Somerset sorts it! Integrated waste services with separate food waste collection
  • Schools and compost
  • Czeching it out
  • Composting in the Tropics as a volunteer
  • Anaerobic Digestion Part 3: Design and future proofing
  • Reviews: Good Governance a Code for the Voluntary and Community Sector, NCVO; Composting with Worms Why Waste Your Waste?, G Pilkington; Social Enterprise in Anytown, J Pearce
  • Big Mouth: Poor Law

#33 2005 Spring (6.6MB)2005Spring

  • What Do The New Exemptions Mean For The Community Composting Sector?
  • Compost Works is not for turning
  • Say Ciao to your Chow, baby!
  • New Zealand Flatworm: A Creature Feature
  • Anaerobic Digestion Mass Balance and Bank Balance (Part 2)
  • A Seedy Secret ('grow, save and swap')
  • The Soil Action Plan for England
  • Reviews: Kerbside Collection of Recyclables and Compostable Waste, Kerbside Working Group : The Chartered Institute of Waste Management; The WyeCycle System for Community Composting, Wyecycle; Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things, W McDonough & M Braungart

#32 2004-5 Winter (4MB)2004-5Winter

  • Anaerobic Digestion: In the first of a four part series Neville Stork gives an overview of the process with an eye to a community  project
  • E.L.C.R.P. - Food Waste Pioneers
  • The 9th Annual Composting Association Conference and Exhibition
  • Lundy Island
  • Do We Need Standards?
  • New Regional Development Workers in four English regions
  • Reviews: Biowaste and Biological Treatment, G Evans; Liquid Gold: The Lore and Logic of Using Urine to Grow Plants, C Steinfeld
#31 2004 Autumn (6MB)2004Autumn
  • Composting at Glastonbury
  • Seagull Recycling Vermiculture Project
  • Working With Biowaste
  • The 8th Annual CCN Conference
  • Seasonal Shreddings……
  • Community Composting In Europe
  • Getting Credit For Your Compost
  • Unravelling the Landfill Allowance Trading Scheme
  • Reviews: Health and Safety at Composting Sites: A Guide for Site Managers, The Composting Association; Reduce Reuse Recycle: An easy
    household guide, N Scott; Spirit of the Soil: An historical perspective on soil fertility and the applications of composting in Lochaber, J Wombell

#30 2004 Summer (12MB)2004Summer-1

  • Compost Still Works
  • Composting Transformed (CRED fund)
  • Community Composting a significant player- says Composting Association
  • Quality control
  • Starter's mini-guide
  • Amici della Terra - composting in Italy
  • Incineration
  • New guidelines on green legislation for composting sector
  • Changes to the Animal By-Product Regulation Guidance Notes
  • Reviews: Not on the Label, F Lawrence;  A Guide to In-Vessel Composting, The Composting Association; Making a Difference: How to Set up and Maintain a Community Group for Parks and green Spaces, Green Space

#29 2004 Spring (12.8MB)2004Spring-1

  • Composting Association Conference
  • Innovation and technology: Novel, animal-by-products, processing systems
  • Composting for Life (Malawi)
  • Slow food
  • Plastic Bags: Degradable or Biodegradable what's the difference?
  • Reviews: Claiming Your Share, N Okenden; The Compost Book, D & Y Taylor

#28 2003 Autumn (9.7MB)2003Autumn-1

  • Composting for Manchester
  • Unraveling the exemptions consultation
  • Anaerobic digestion in New York city
  • The 7th Annual Conference
  • Home composting really does work
  • Review: How to Make Soil and Save Earth, A Shepherd; Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) for Composters, The Composting Association

#27 2003 Summer (11MB)2003Summer-1

  • Compost Awareness Week 2003
  • Piles of compost in Lancashire
  • A recycled building for a recycling project
  • Community Composting with special needs/learning difficulty groups
  • Sheffield community composters employ Seko machinery to tackle city's greenwaste
  • Review: Fletcher Sims' Compost, C Walters; A Guide to Home Composting, K Laitenberger & J O'Neill

#26 Spring 2003 (10MB)2003Spring-1

  • Transforming waste
  • IBCs, the ABPO and DEFRA
  • Card shredding for animal bedding
  • Biodiesel in the UK
  • Bio-bags
  • New vision or state ideas?
  • Reviews: Composting for All, N Scott; Bioregional Solutions for Living on One Planet, P Desai & S Riddlestone

#25 2002 Winter (8.6MB)2002Winter-1

  • Overview of in-vessel composting for the community sector
  • Revolutionary tumbler: Forest of Dean's new in-vessel composting solution
  • Reviews: Agricultural Waste Mass Balance: Opportunities for Recycling & Producing Energy from Waste Technologies, C-Tech Innovation Ltd; How to Store Your Garden Produce: The Key to Self Sufficiency, P Warren; The Social Enterprise Guide to Recycling, LCRN

#24 2002 Autumn (10.2MB)2002Autumn-1

  • DEFRA Animal By-Products Order
  • Growing your own buildings
  • Compsot batteries
  • CCN conference 2002
  • Worms
  • Fermented compost
  • Review: Fast Food Nation, E Schlosser; Compost, C Foster
  • Manufacturing with reused and recycled materials

#23 2002 Summer (10.2MB)2002Summer-1

  • Food! Glorious Food
  • Potting Composts
  • Feniton Community Composting
  • Animal-by products the DEFRA conference
  • Bolivian compost
  • Demonstration sites round up
  • Insurance
  • Reviews: Stop Talking Rubbish! A Guide to Greening a Social Space, WEN; Thinking Locally, Acting Nationally, Church & Elster
  • Zero Waste

#22 2002 Spring (9.6MB)2002Spring-1

  • Growing the market
  • Demonstration sites
  • The millennium midden
  • Zero waste
  • Reviews: The Allotment Handbook a Guide to Promoting & Protecting your site, S Andrews: Go MAD, The Ecologist; The Little Earth Book, J Burges

#21 2001 Autumn (10.4MB)2001Autumn-1

  • Risk assessment: Use of compost to dispose of catering waste and animal by-products
  • Simple samples: Development of a common sampling practice for ccn member groups
  • Compost Analysis
  • The demonstration sites round-up
  • In-vessel composting
  • The Heeley City Farm way
  • CCN conference 2001
  • Review: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening, L Riotte
  • Poo taboo
  • Crest kerbside collection

#20 2001 Summer (9.7MB)2001Summer-1

  • Rot and Reap
  • Bulk bags for home composting
  • Bracken composting
  • In Vessel research and development with Proper Job
  • 2001 Waste Oddessey
  • Review: The Great Food Gamble, J Humphreys
  • Poisonous plants

# 2001 Spring (9MB)2001Spring-1

  • Peat Enzyme
  • How green is your garden?
  • Volunteering
  • Compost Works: Demonstration Sites
  • 250KG and independence - Wyecycle
  • Community composting in Lympstone
  • Review: The Living Land, J Pretty
  • Composting at Bristols allotment sites

#2000-1 Winter (11MB)2000Winter-1

  • Composting with kids
  • Composting with Schools Workshop
  • Argyll & Bute Community Composting Conference
  • What I want to see in the Wales Waste Strategy (R Northridge)
  • Death - Waste & Taboos
  • Reviews: The Secret Life of Compost, Malcolm Beck
  • 4th Annual CCN Conference

#2000 Summer (9MB)2000Summer-1

  • Launch of National Composting Training Programme
  • The 'Recycled Garden'
  • Vertical Composting Unity
  • Community Composting - Maximising the potential
  • Waste Strategy 2000
  • Community Composting in Scotland
  • Shredders & Chippers

#2000 Spring (8.8MB)2000Spring-1

  • The State of Composting 1998
  • Health & Safety
  • Ollie recycles
  • Happy Birthday Cwm Harry


#2000 Winter (11.7MB)2000Winter2-1

  • National Trust Peat Ban
  • Leave Peat out of it!
  • GMO's and composting
  • Diverting Messages (waste diversion)
  • Introducing Collection Systems Workshop
  • 3rd Annual CCN Conference
  • Ramblings from Dartmoor, Nicky Scott
  • Sea of Leaves at Heeley City Farm
  • Reviews: The Composting Toilet System, D Del Porto & C Steinfield; The Soul of Soil, Gershauny & Smille
  • The Community Composter's Year
  • Deep Clamp Composting

#1999 Winter (4MB)

  • Compost & Members News

#9 1999 Autumn (5MB)

  • 2nd Annual CCN Conference
  • Centres of Excellence in Community Composting
  • Conducting visits & site interpretation workshop
  • Compost phoneline workshop
  • Getting bigger/addressing the landfill directive targets workshop
  • Away with waste
  • Compost Education: The Green Man's Secret
  • Devon CCN Conference 1999

#1999 Summer(3.7MB)

  • A model Community Composting arrangement

#1999 Spring (6MB)

  • Become a scavenger
  • Micro Community Composting
  • High fibre compost
  • Compost Marketing Seminar

#1998 Summer (3MB)

  • Events, News, CCN 1998 Conference

#1998 Spring  (4MB)

  • Minimise risk from small schemes
  • Compost: What does it mean?

#1997 Summer (4.24MB)

  • 1st CCN Conference Report
  • The Story So Far
  • Composting Bracken
  • Compost can combat disease

#1997 Spring (4.09MB)

  • Badger proof compost
  • Recycling Credits
  • Yew Tree Composting
  • Composting Sacks

#1996 Autumn (1.33MB)

  • Why Community Compost
  • Project News

#1996 Summer (570KB)

  • The very first Growing Heap


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